Jeunesse Global Review [Video]

Jeunesse Global Review – Legit Business or Big Scam?

In other words, you are not going to get a biased review like all the rest on the internet.  I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision….

In this Jeunesse Global review, find out if this company is legit or a scam.

Jeunesse Global Review – The Company

This network marketing company was founded by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis in 2009.  Combined, they have a lot of experience in this industry and are known to grow huge organizations in the past of distributors.

They claim they are not a traditional network marketing company using old school strategies…The truth is, I didn’t find anything cutting edge when it comes to growing this business.  It still requires talking to family and friends and making a list…LOL, I will get into that later in this blog post.

Jeunesse Product Line

  • The products range from nutrition to personal care.  What this company is popular for is their skin care product called Luminesce.
  • This is their flag ship product and it’s the product they believe is the best skin care product in the world… Well, every company is going to be biased :).
  • Luminesce is unique as it has a special formula that is patent pending to restore luminosity, firmness and give you smoother skin.
  • I personally haven’t tried this, but I haven’t seen a negative review about the product so that’s definitely a good thing.
  • They do have nutritional products as well…
  • …but their flag ship product is what people mostly buy.

Jeunesse Business Opportunity Review

Like any network marketing company, when you sponsor a person into the business you get paid on the product pack they purchase.

Personally, I love recruiting but it’s one of the factors of failure in businesses and I will get into that later, just pay attention and keep reading…

Jeunesse Global has 6 ways to earn income:

  • Retail Profit
  • New Customer Acquisition Bonus
  • Team Commissions
  • Leadership Matching Bonus
  • Customer Acquisition Incentive
  • Leadership Bonus Pool

Instead of me explaining the compensation plan…

…why not let Jeunesse Global explain it:

As you can see it’s a great way of making money… But this is where people have the biggest challenge…

Jeunesse Global Scam – Conclusion

  • The problem is people jump into network marketing with the wrong mindset… They believe they will get something for nothing.
  • This company is far from a scam and it’s been in business since 2009!
  • There are some people that call this company a scam because they failed… I am here to tell you it’s their own fault.
  • The truth is you have to become a great people person and become a recruiting machine…

That my friend is the truth… So you have Two options… Learn how to become a recruiting master or…  …do a home business that doesn’t require recruiting.

I myself love recruiting and I have sponsored over 1400 in my primary business ALL online.  You see, once you learn the skill set it’s pretty easy.

NOTE:  I am NOT in Jeunesse and there is a good reason for that…

… read more

Source: HotMLMCompanies

Jeunesse, Top Distributors Face Pyramid, RICO Allegations

The suit, filed in July in federal court in Arizona, names the company, three top executives and three top distributors

A class-action lawsuit filed against Florida-based MLM Jeunesse Global, which markets anti-aging skin care products and supplements, puts high-level distributors as well as company executives in the crosshairs of pyramid scheme and racketeering allegations.

The suit, filed in July in federal court in Arizona, names the company, three top executives and three top distributors, as well as 100 co-conspirators who it alleges enriched themselves by promoting and participating in a “classic pyramid scheme,” which also included backroom deals and secret compensation packages. The suit, which is seeking at least $250 million in damages, follows an investigation by into the company’s recruiting practices and health and income claims that led to a complaint to the FTC.

The defendants named in the suit, which was filed by Arizona resident James J. Aboltin, include Jeunesse CEO Ogale “Randy” Ray and other top executives, as well as high-level distributors, such as Kim Hui, Jason Caramanis, and Alex Morton, a former Vemma affiliate who the complaint alleges signed a secret deal with Jeunesse right before the FTC filed a pyramid lawsuit against Vemma.

Source:  MLMHelp Desk 

Thanks HotMLMCompanies, MLMHelpDesk and for reading Jeunesse Global Review

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