Cyber Trolling [Video]

ICFO Fund Raiser Offers Trolling: Who does it and why? By Tom de Castella and Virginia Brown An internet “troll” has been jailed for

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Social Engineering [Video]

Attacking the Weakest Link in the Security Chain By Solange Deschatres It’s happened to major corporations, and even the U.S. Department of Defense–falling victim

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Ashley Madison Hack [Video]

AshleyMadison security protocols violated privacy laws, watchdog says An investigation into the Ashley Madison hack finds that the site’s owners “fell well short” of

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Computer network security threats

Computer Network Threats [Video]

The Threats The increasing use of technology and the Internet in all aspects of daily life puts everyday citizens at risk of becoming targets

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Cyber currency scams [Video]

Risks to consumers posed by virtual currencies What are virtual currencies? And, as a consumer, what risks should you be aware of? You may have

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DDoS Attacks

DDoS Attacks [Video]

How a large ISP fights DDoS attacks with a custom solution by Mirko Zorz, Editor in Chief DDoS attacks are a growing problem. In

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Scams, Spam, Fraud, Complaints, Resources Postings, Reviews and Links The Internet Crime Fighters Organization is not responsible for the opinions shared by third party

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Shipping Scams [Video]

Internet Shipping Scams – A.K.A The Package Forwarding Scam The Reshipping Scam Internet shipping scams or the package forwarding scam has been around for

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Check Fraud

Check Scams [Video]

Fake Checks It’s your lucky day! You just won a foreign lottery! The letter says so. And the cashier’s check to cover the taxes

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It’s About Caring [Video]

 Why the Internet Crime Fighters Organization? “It’s About CARING: Increase Awareness, Educate, Protect You, Family, and Business” “It’s About CARING”: HELP Support Us With

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