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Our posts and comments contain thousands of links and take up considerable blog space; so we have found it necessary to take all archive files offline

This action has been taken to maintain the desired performance of our blog’s loading, page size, etc

These archives are a valued resource for research and updates to our articles, handbook, etc. and reflect three years research in over 100 Internet Crime Topics

OneCoin Review is one of our largest archive files.  It was pulled offline due to massive spamming and personal attacks.

Until a better solution is available; files are available for a nominal donation of $5.00 each to cover costs and special handling

Send your archive file request along with your donation receipt to internetcrimefightersorg@gmail.com; Subj Archive Request

Updates to these archives will be sent Free of Charge to registered donors

Current Archives

  1. Adult Friend Finder
  2. Advance Fee
  3. Anthem Breach
  4. Ashley Madison Hack
  5. Banner Health
  6. Beautiful People Breach
  7. BurnLounge Pyramid
  8. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  9. Celebgate Fappening
  10. Child Abuse
  11. Child Exploitation
  12. Child Grooming
  13. Child Porn (No Images)
  14. Child Trafficking Prostitution
  15. Children Risks Online
  16. Cloud Security
  17. Computer Network Threats
  18. Cyber Bullying
  19. Cyber Crime Security
  20. Cyber Harassment
  21. Cyber Scams
  22. Cyber Stalking
  23. Cyber Threats Attack
  24. Cyber Trolling
  25. Cyber War
  26. DarkNet Tor
  27. Data Breach Hack
  28. Data Protection Privacy
  29. Dating Romance Scams
  30. DDoS Attacks
  31. DFRF HYIP Ponzi
  32. Election Scams Fraud Hack
  33. Email Scams Spam
  34. Family Cyber Security
  35. Hacking Team Hack
  36. Herbalife Probe
  37. Home Depot Hack
  38. High Yield Investment Prog (HYIP)
  39. Identity Theft
  40. Insider Threats
  41. Internet Piracy
  42. Internet Bytes
  43. Internet Piracy
  44. Internet of Things (IoT)
  45. Jeunesse Global Review
  46. Juniper Networks Breach
  47. Liberty Reserve Money Laundering
  48. Malvertising
  49. Malware Ransomware
  50. Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM)
  51. Mobile Threats
  52. MonaVie Pyramid
  53. Net Addiction
  54. Net Addiction Gambling
  55. Net Addiction Gaming
  56. Net Addiction Phone
  57. Net Addicton Pornography
  58. Net Addiction Social Media
  59. Nigerian 419
  60. Nu Skin Pyramid
  61. OneCoin Review
  62. Online Addictions
  63. OPM Breach
  64. Panama Papers Breach
  65. Phishing
  66. Predators Paedophile
  67. Privacy Anonymity
  68. Revenge Porn
  69. Senior Grandparent Scams
  70. Sexting Sextortion
  71. Shopping Online Scams
  72. Silk Road Drugs
  73. Social Engineering
  74. Social Media Threats
  75. Sony Pictures Breach
  76. STOP Clicking Links
  77. Target Corp Breach
  78. Tax Scams
  79. Team Vinh HYIP Ponzi
  80. Tech Support Scams
  81. TelexFree Fraud
  82. Ubiquiti Scammed
  83. uFun Pyramid
  84. USFIA Ponzi
  85. Vemma Pyramid
  86. Webcam Hack
  87. Wendy’s PoS Breach
  88. Work At Home Scams
  89. Yahoo Breach
  90. Zeek Rewards Ponzi

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