Caring – You Can Help [Video]

Caring – You Can Help

“Why Do You Do This?, It Doesn’t Pay, It is a Waste of Time “

  • It Is Not My Problem
  • It Is Not My Thing
  • What’s In It For Me
  • I have other Priorities
  • Me, Me, Me First World
  • How About This: “If You Are Doing Something That Cannot Be Measured In Dollars; It Must Have No Value”

Why Not?

  • Been There and Done That; before the T-Shirt Era
  • As an Old Man, Dad, Grandpa, and Great Grandpa
  • At Nearly 78 and a 5-year-old victim of abuse for more than two years as a foster child
  • Several years after as a young adult with deformed ribs, and a misaligned leg
  • Too Much of Internet Crime is related to Children and Family
  • Internet Safety and Security is Everyone’s Responsibility
  • After Several highly successful careers, Entrepreneur, Military, and Private Business
  • It Was Time to Give Something Back to Others: You, Your Family, Your Business
  • We have been doing this, out of pocket, since 2004

Imagine This

  • Children as young as nine years old are watching porn and sexting.
  • Children as young as five years old have “Unsupervised Access” to the Dangers of the Internet
  • Self-Harm and Suicides are increasing

How Can You Help?

  • Communicate, spread the word, increase awareness, and educate, communicate
  • Protect Yourself, Family, and Business
  • We need Your HELP if we are to Continue to Help Others
  • CARING: Support Us With Your Donations, Likes, and Shares
  • The self-proclaimed Gurus are too busy filling their pockets with their “Me Products”
  • I have approached many; including friends, and receiving little more than “Good Job” but no Help or Sponsorship

The Internet Crime Fighter Organization is a one-of-a-kind, one-stop blog featuring the best and worst of the web to Increase Your Awareness, Help Educate and Protect You, Your Family, and Business

I didn’t always care so much

  • Working since age 8, I was a very hard charger
  • Accomplishing challenges where others failed
  • The first and best at this and that
  • As if seeking to run away as fast as possible from my earlier years
  • If you only look back, you miss the opportunities of moving forward
  • Sick with severe malnutrition, deformities due to bloating, mild cerebral palsy and suffering from various diseases for six years
  • I was a poster boy for the starving skeleton children they show you to get your donations.  I am sure you have seen them.
  • I wasn’t healthy enough to enter the school until age 8 in the first grade. I have been there and done that when it comes to school and with the local gangs.  There weren’t any “T-shirts” back then.
  • I also started working and earning money which allowed me to make friends. You know the kind. As long as you have something want; they are friends. You know the rest.
  • I dropped out of school with an 8th-grade education to work and support myself.
  • Massachusetts allowed me an early entry into the US Navy and an opportunity to me out of the slums. I continued to charge forward having learned that officers had even better even senior enlisted.

The Caring Began and Continues

  • As my Navy career advanced, crews became larger and with greater responsibility
  • Being responsible for others than just myself was a new learning experience
  • I pushed my men like myself and had little sympathy for the slackers
  • I taught those that wanted to learn
  • And helped those that needed help
  • I enjoy success

Even though I only had an 8th-grade education;  my military entrance test scores earned me entrance into the Navy’s technical “A and B” schools followed by becoming one of the Navy’s lowest rank and youngest instructors. To become an Officer; I needed both a GED and a College Degree and thus began 15 years of day and weekend courses before receiving my Doctorate.In Organizational Development  and Human Behavior

My doctoral dissertation based on workshops of selected top performers whose greatest success was giving of themselves to help others accomplish their objectives for the greater good.  Team Builders, Putting Others First


  • First 35 years – a task master
  • Now, nearly 35 years as a team builder, coach, mentor, advisor, and consultant
  • A Giver rather than a Taker

Offline Adult

  • I was Chairman, President CEO of several of my companies; Computers, Consulting, Real Estate and Financial Services
  • Encountered nearly every financial scam available for real estate and business financing; helped clients sort alternative solutions
  • The written word had value
  • Offline governmental agencies and private institutions to help with your problems whatever they may be
  • True caring and sharing are more freely available
  • You can reach out and touch someone

Online Retirement

  • Retired in 2004, the same year the Facebook started.
  • Bored, I turned to the Internet for something to do.
  • While most new users join the Internet for Social Networking, Porn, Gaming, and Gambling; Too many come to the Internet for the wrong reasons.
  • Most fall victim to the so-called Fast Money, Jobs, Dating; High Yield Investments, Making Money At home as well as many other varieties of online scams
  • I made a game out of Paid to Read/Paid to Click Scams earning more than $1,000,000 per day after nine months
  • The keyword being “earnings”; not cash, withdrawal requests was made, some paid for as part of the scam and of course not full-filled
  • I participated in a broad range of scams to learn from the inside and finally committed my nearly five years of experience and research into the First Edition of my ”Internet Users Handbook” in 2009.
  • Started Internet Scams Anonymous Groups in all major Social and Social Business sites as well as some Scam Avoidance, Stay Safe Blogs

Lessons Learned

  • 2013 Shut down all Blogs and Groups; the group scammers and spammers were too time-consuming to manage
  • No one addressed the big picture of Internet Crime aka Cyber Crime
  • The rapid growth of social media opened our eyes, feedback from our groups and research showed that users, both individual and small business impacted by the rapid spread of scams, malware and such
  • As Social Media grew so did the Security Threats such As RansomWare
  • Malware and Malvertising increased
  • Small business was being shut down due to costs of ransomware and hacking
  • Malware links added to images and music
  • Social clickers and shares are passing malware and scams along to their friends
  • Skype and Gmail accounts hacked revealing passwords, Social Security data, Address as such for later use; Identity Theft
  • Scams were mass produced and mass marketed through social media
  • Imposter websites were fraudulently duplicated sending malware through email
  • Imposter emails from the FBI, your Banks, PayPal, etc. all linking to some form of malware or ransomware
  • Children were and are committing suicide due to Cyber Bullying and such
  • Children as young as toddlers were being abducted, raped, trafficked by predators and pedophiles posing as teens for meetings offline
  • The DarkNet emerges
  • Predators and Pedophiles find a new home in the DarkNet
  • Internet Addictions
  • Sexting becomes the rage; teens arrested for making and distributing Child Porn
  • Revenge Porn
  • Those seeking financial success online were feeding the scammers and losing their investment
  • Senior seeking Romance Online were losing fortunes to Dating Scams
  • Offline scams become online scams; some include both online and offline elements
  • As Internet access from mobile devices grew; parents began abdicating their responsibilities using the devices to babysit their children
  • Families disengaged conversation and learning as a family unit while members played with their smartphones and devices

Time to Refocus

  • As the Internet and Social Media evolved so must we if we are to address needs of the users; the big picture of Internet Crime aka Cyber Crime
  • Our Scope broadened to include Cyber Security Threats, Malware, Scams, and Fraud With Greater Emphasis on placed Children and Family Safety and Security Online
  • With So Much Hatred and Crime On and Offline; The Internet Crime Fighters Organization Fills a Void, a Need for FREE
  • The Big Dogs in A Connected World continue to push “Connect the World” with little to no regard for the New User’s Safety First

You Can Help

  • Wouldn’t it be Great if Your Share To Help Save, a Child? A Family, a Business or a friend?
  • CARING: Support Us With Your Donations, Likes, and Shares
    • Donations help us expand our operations
    • Likes and Share Help Us Grow so that we can attract Sponsors and Advertisers
    • Help Keep this a FREE Informational Blog

My Shriner’s motto ” No man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child.”

Internet Crime Fighters (ICFO) Daily Specials  help supplement our Donations to help support our research and the cost of providing this FREE Public Service

Thanks for reading Caring – You Can Help

This Site is Blocked By Some Browsers, WOT And Parental Controls Triggered By TERMS and TOPICS of Internet Crime; Child Porn, Pornography Addiction, Sexting, Sextortion, Sexual Harassment.  Children as young as nine years old are Watching Porn and Sexting.

Use the POWER of Social Media SHARING  to HELP INCREASE AWARENESS of these important topics for Parents, Friends and our Children

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