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Child Pedophiles Predators [Video]


WARNING – Content may be Disturbing to some Readers Predators When children go online, they have direct and immediate access to friends, family, and complete strangers, which can put unsuspecting children at great risk. Children who meet and communicate with strangers online are easy prey for Internet predators. Predators have easy and anonymous access to children …

Connecting New Users [Video]


Connecting New Users – Internet Safety First I am all for Connecting New Users, i.e. the World as long as we also Communicate the Risks and Dangers Associated with Internet Connectivity to our Children, Families, Other Users and Online Businesses Internet Crime: Security Threats, Scams, Fraud Ransomware, DDoS Attacks Keeping Your Children Safe Online Children Family, …

Internet Sex Crimes

Sex Crimes

Internet Sex Crimes + Laws, Charges & Statute of Limitations By Editor The Internet is the latest frontier for law enforcement officials. The majority of Internet sex crimes involve people who are underage, dealing in videos of child pornography, or using the Internet to set up sexual contacts with children. Approximately 2,500 people are arrested every …