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Children Scams [Video]


Children Scams Parenting: 10 Common Internet Scams Your Child Might Fall For The world wide web can be a big, scary place for your kids. The most efficient way to monitor your child’s online activity is through a parental intelligence system that will monitor and analyze their actions. Scams come a dime a dozen, but it’s worse …

Connecting New Users [Video]


Connecting New Users – Internet Safety First I am all for Connecting New Users, i.e. the World as long as we also Communicate the Risks and Dangers Associated with Internet Connectivity to our Children, Families, Other Users and Online Businesses Internet Crime: Security Threats, Scams, Fraud Ransomware, DDoS Attacks Keeping Your Children Safe Online Children Family, …

Think Internet Safety First [Video]


Your child’s online activity is your business | Editorial THE internet allows us to access infinite information from anywhere, anytime. But for all its draw cards, there lies a dark reality. The internet can be a dangerous place for anyone – but particularly for children who can be impressionable, naive and vulnerable players navigating their way through the cyber …