Offer – Sokule’s Sokens Sale


Fund Raising: Sokule’s (Credit) Sokens Sale

Our Internet Crime Fighters Org has spent nearly two months recovering and upgrading from a computer crash, hacking, malware and other issues

  • Real, time and money suck issues, over and above our routine costs
  • Our Google Ranking had fallen nearly 1,300 places during this period and is now about 1,1oo places from our previous best.
  • Requests for Shares and Likes fall short of our expectations; thus impacting our re-growth and ranking.  
  • Total Donations since 2013 has been a mere $5.00.
  • Potential advertisers withdraw when they see our traffic numbers, and we have not attracted a sponsor.  

So here we are selling or promoting assets to raise money to

  • Resume and expand operations, recoup costs and continue research
  • Continue our Mission of Increasing Awareness of Internet Crime
  • Helping to Protect You, Your Children, Family and Business Online

Sokule’s (Credit) Sokens Sale

If you are an Internet Marketer, New, Want to be,  or Seasoned, then Sokule should be part of your portfolio

Sokens help you attract others to join and work with you

Sokule has given away or sold over 50 billion Sokens.

Sokule is also one of our primary resources for funding the research, operations, and investment of the Internet Crime Fighters Org (ICFO).

An Extraordinary Sale and Benefit for Sokule Affiliates

Sokule Powerhouse Advertising

Who is Sokule?

  • Leaders in innovative advertising products
  • Master advertising strategists
  • Master downline and list builders
  • Sokule is a traffic generator
  • Longevity – building lists since 2009
  • Networks to nearly 1.5 million members
  • Home of Post, Ping, and Profit
  • Home of Sokens 
  • Sokens are Sokule valued at $1720 per million
  • Click here to join Sokule for free
  • Free members can earn or buy Sokens


  • Sokens (credits) are a unique way to auto-build your list of followers, called Trackers.
  • Offer Sokule credits (Sokens) to others to encourage and entice them to track you.
  • It’s up to you how many Sokens you offer to try to attract others to track you, but those users who offer the most Sokens usually end up with the most trackers.
  • If you find someone has jumped ahead of you on the list, you can always jump to the top of the list by offering more Sokens.

Earn Sokens – You can earn Sokens many ways. For instance, you can earn between 20-100 Sokens for reading other members posts and rating them. You can earn 50 Sokens for a free signup and 300 Sokens for a paid signup. You can even claim Sokens when others follow you. 

Buy Sokens – If you are strapped for time, you can purchase the Sokens you need and then offer them as an incentive to others to track you. Get more trackers fast. Paid members get an automatic 30% discount. Free members can upgrade here or purchase Sokens at the regular price.

Offer Sokens – What will you offer to get trackers fast? Now is the time to be generous, not stingy. Check out what the highest Sokens offer is and then offer even more Sokens, so you jump ahead of everyone else and get noticed. People follow leaders, and now it’s your turn to lead.

Claim Sokens – This tool will search all members, find those you are not already tracking, and call up a list for you to track. It will also show who is offering Sokens and it will show you what their interests are. If they are similar to yours then simply claim the Sokens to start following them. Many will follow you back the same way.

Give Sokens – This tool allows you to give Sokens to your trackers as a thank you for following you, as an incentive to upgrade in Sokule or somewhere else, as a birthday gift, or any other Kule surprises you manage to cook up. It’s a great way to stay in touch and get known as one of the good guys.

Accept Sokens – This tool allows you to accept or reject the Sokens you receive from members.

Typical ICFO Soken Bonus

Here is how to collect

  • Send an e-mail to Internet Crime Fighters Org
  • Subject: Sokule upgrade
  • Include your full name, receipt, number of Sokule Sokens, and your Sokule username
  • Please allow 24 to 48 hours for a manual verification and addition of Sokens to your Sokule account

Click here other ICFO Sokule Bonus Offers

ICFO’s Sokens Sale

This extraordinary bargain sale is great for new or existing members of any Sokule membership level

Soken sales will go a long way into funding our research, operations, growth, and investment

  • Send an e-mail to Internet Crime Fighters Org
  • Subject: Soken Sales
  • Include your full name, number of requested Sokens, price, and your Sokule username
  • Instructions for making payment will be provided by return mail 
  • Sale Sokens will be manually transferred from one of our accounts to your account upon verification a the sale
  • Plan for ASAP, but please allow 24-48 hours to complete the transaction
  • You will be notified

Table (Prices Subject to Change)

Prices Rounded USD

Sokule Sokens Free Member Price Upgraded Price ICFO Sokens ICFO Price


32 100,000




60 175,000




89 350,000




138 500,000




347 1,000,000




417 2,000,000




697 3,000,000


Make an Offer for Larger Purchases

Dr Don is a Sokule Founding Member

ICFO’s Sokens Sale and Bonus Offers Good as Long as Soken Stock Lasts

Take Advantage of our Extraordinary ICFO”s Soken Sale

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