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Are You Concerned For Your or Your Friends Child’s Safety?

Safety Online or Offline?

We thank Barbara for her article “What Lengths Would You Go To Keep Your Kids Safe Online?” by Barbara Brenninkmeijer.
However, she opens with this sentence. “Protecting a child from harm is one of the greatest anxieties, perhaps the greatest, parents experience as they bring up their children”
To the contrary and regretfully, I fear that today’s parent’s open or public disregard for their children and teens safety offline leaves no little room for expecting them to monitor their online activities conducted in the privacy of their room. 

Our Safety Concerns Include

AutomobileMotorcycleBicycleChild Family
No Child Seat, Not wearing seat beltsMultiple ridersModified bicycles with no brakesEveryone on their mobiles, no family or groups communications
Standing in the open roofNo helmets for allImitating motorcycle with flying feetMobiles are babysitting the children
Hanging out car windowsRider no helmetNo helmetsUnsupervised Access to the internet
Texting while drivingRacing, weaving in and out of the high-speed lanes Bicycle Gangs after dark with no lights or helmetsLack of concern or monitoring time spent on the internet
 Carrying baby or child in drivers lapDaredevil flying feet Too many unverified friends, connections
 Speeding through parking lotsRunning or jumping the red light Dating or romance scam.
 Overloaded Free access to pornography, sexual themes, and scenes
 Carrying babies No curfews, or monitoring late night or earning morning activities
 2-3 year olds standing in motorcycle baskets  Social Media Concerns, Peer Pressure
 Speeding through parking lotsCyberbully, Self-Harm, Suicides

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Basic Parenting Skills

So Who is Really Concerned?

  • Many have lost this anxiety for their children’s safety on or offline
  • Attitudes, Respect, Supervision, and discipline has changed
  • If parents cannot manage these obvious offline safety concerns;
  • There is little chance that they will understand and take time to
  • Monitor and manage their children and teen activities online

ICFO gives a priority to Children’s Safety Online

Despite our Effort to Grow with Care, Likes, and Shares:

  • Too many feel it is not their problem
  • Very few like or share posts with their friends
  • Few of those that do like or share have not read the article
  • Very few make a comment

Dr Don, Father of seven

What Lengths Would You Go To Keep Your Kids Safe Online?

Barbara Brenninkmeijer Founder of Zeamu Music, and mother of three young children.
Protecting a child from harm is one of the greatest anxieties, perhaps the greatest, parents experience as they bring up their children. Whether it’s keeping your eyes and ears peeled in noisy soft play areas, heaving swimming pools or bustling fairgrounds, parents everywhere do their best to keep life changing dangers at bay, but do we take the same care when our kids go online?

Like children all around the world, my 9, 8 and 6 year olds love to play on their iPads after a tiring day, but perhaps because we can see and hear them and they are in a physical environment we deem safe, quite understandably thinking about what they’re accessing online can feel a little like an afterthought. As long as we know where they are and what they’re doing, they’re fine, right?

Social Media Fails to Protect

Not quite. The NSPCC’s latest report about children accessing the internet puts the dangers of web-based content into perspective. Four out of five children in the UK feel that social media sites are failing to protect them from pornographic content, self-harm, bullying, and hatred. That’s 80% of children in England Wales, who don’t feel safe online, regardless of whether they’re sitting at home on the sofa or in their bedrooms.

Whilst platforms like Google, Facebook and Twitter are committed to tackling explicit and illegal content, the road to complete eradication of phenomena like child pornography, snuff videos and hate speech online is a slow one and it’s become clear that it’s down to us as parents to protect our children from potentially life altering experiences in the digital world. There are two hugely important solutions which can make a world of difference.

Finding Balance

The first is finding a balance between safeguarding our children and giving them the tools they need to make smart choices online. The NSPCC’s research once again highlighted just how savvy our children are – 87% of children polled for their study said they knew how to keep themselves safe whilst using the internet. That figure, however, will drop as the age demographic lowers, so for parents of young children, online safety boils down to introducing a basic level of awareness and taking advantage of resources like the growing number of filters available on sites and apps. There’s a fine line between setting boundaries online and invading a child’s privacy, too. Putting together a family agreement is a great way to give a child the space they need whilst at the same time instilling healthy online behaviours. For example, the agreement could include what sites a child can visit, good practice whilst using the internet and how to alert adults to content that may feel inappropriate or distressing.

Appropriate Content

The second solution asks us to populate the internet with high-quality, age appropriate content which can be easily found by children, thus steering them away from experiences which could damage a child’s development. That’s why I created Zeamu Music. The latest study by the NSPCC reinforced for me why Zeamu Music is so needed. Not only are we offering a musically safe alternative for children who are too young to listen to lyrics with sexual, violent and aggressive content, but we are offering a solution to a real and insidious problem. A NetMums poll surveyed 1500 parents and 81.7% said their child had sung or repeated sexual song lyrics without realising what they meant. Around 8.5% of these parents questioned said their child was 5 or younger when they first became aware of what these lyrics meant. This statistic is a problem. How many parents would say they were comfortable with their 5 plus year old singing this type of content?

Controlled Content

Will Gardner, CEO of Childnet International which campaigns for a safer internet, feels our music is part of the solution: ‘I am pleased that there are things like this that gives parents the choice. More controlled content online will reassure many parents who want to make sure their children start out in the right way.’

Zeamu music offers so much more than just great pop music just for kids. It offers children a vital opportunity to see life through their own lens rather than having adult lenses forced into their picture of the world and confusing it with adult experiences. Giving children the chance to explore the best of the internet isn’t just about protecting them from dangers online, it’s also about creating discerning consumers who value quality and seek out what they need, rather than what they don’t. And that has long-term implications for our children, far into adolescence and beyond.

Parents and carers instinctively protect children in the real world, and keeping kids safe online is just as important, and with a little preparation and the right solution for you as a family, can become second nature too.

Source: Huffington Post – Parent Voices

Your child’s online activity is your business | Editorial

THE internet allows us to access infinite information from anywhere, anytime.

Dark Reality

But for all its draw cards, there lies a dark reality.

The internet can be a dangerous place for anyone – but particularly for children who can be impressionable, naive and vulnerable players navigating their way through the cyber world.

There are cases of online trolls and bullies, fraud, identity theft and even child pornography being reported right across mainstream media.

The internet is so accessible that kids are getting sucked into its around-the-clock immediacy.

The internet all too easily allows people to pose as someone or something they’re not.

Just as easily as it takes someone to create a false persona with the click of a button, can it take to lull someone into a false sense of security and fall victim to the perils of the cyber world.

Impressionable kids and teens, who can spend the lion’s share of their time behind a screen on the internet, are increasingly caught up with dangerous online crazes.

A ‘game’ that involves children choking themselves and posting results online tragically resulted in the death of a 13-year-old Brisbane boy on December 30.

The most recent online craze is seeing kids put salt and ice on their skin and recording how long they can withstand the burning. It has sadly seen some children hospitalised.

These are just two example of the dangers and power of the internet.

Increase Awareness, Educate

That is why awareness and education are more important than ever.

Today is Safer Internet Day, a worldwide campaign on cyber safety.

As a parent, you need to make your child’s online activity your business.

And as a community, we need to educate them as best we can about the dangers associated with the internet.

Tamworth City Library must be applauded for taking a serious approach to online safety. The library, which attracts a huge number of users from right across the community, is in the process of becoming an e-smart library.

The internet is a staple in most of our lives and cannot be taken for granted. We rely on it for everything from running businesses to accessing information in real time.

But we must learn how to harness its benefits while mitigating its risks.

Source: Nothern Daily Leader

Thanks, Barbara, Huffington Post Northern Daily Leader and for reading Children’s Safety

Image: Safe Kids Worldwide

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